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Bellamy Blake
Bellamy Blake.jpg
Biographical Information
Real Name: bob morley
Title: The King
Born: In 2126
Dies: season 7
Age: 23 & 29
Occupation: Leader of Spacekru

Co-Leader of Delinquents

Originally From: The Ark
Current Location: Earth
Family: Octavia Blake (Sister)

Aurora Blake (Mother)

Interests: Clarke Griffin (unspoken Love)
Significant Kills: Dax

320 Ark members (Indirectly)
Sgt. Lovejoy
12 Guards (Radiation)
Dr. Tsing (Radiation)
Mount Weather Inhabitants

Affiliations: The 100
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10”
Status: Dead (season 7)
Movie: the 100
Character Information
Show: The 100
Portrayed by: Bob Morley

"You expect us to trust a Grounder? This is our home now. We built this from nothing with our bare hands! Our dead are buried behind that wall in this ground! Our ground! The Grounders think they can take that away. They think that because we came from the sky, we don't belong here. But they've yet to realize one very important fact: We are on the ground now, and that means we are Grounders!"
Bellamy Blake to The Delinquents

Bellamy Blake is a major character in The 100. Bellamy is co-leader of the 100, alongside Clarke Griffin in the first season. He is not part of the original 100, he snuck onto the dropship by posing as a guard after he heard about the plans for the 100 to be sent to Earth so he could protect his younger sister, Octavia Blake.

Throughout The Series[]

Bellamy was manipulated into attempting to assassinate Chancellor Jaha at the behest of his political enemies, an action he later showed remorse for. He only did this because in return for shooting Jaha, he was promised a position on the dropship that would be sent to Earth with his younger sister Octavia on it. By posing as a guard, Bellamy was able to sneak on the dropship unnoticed. Bellamy was not part of the 100, although he quickly established himself as their leader once the dropship landed on Earth. Soon he took over alongside John Murphy.

At first, Bellamy and Clarke Griffin struggled with each other for leadership of the Delinquents. Bellamy was sick of always being controlled and following strict rules his whole life, so he took his newfound freedom as a chance to do whatever the hell he wanted with no rules and no consequences for anything, in which the majority of the other kids agreed with. Clarke, on the other hand, wanted at least some order and rules, and this is why the two didn't much like each other.

Eventually Bellamy and Clarke settled as co-leaders after the murder of Wells Jaha and Charlotte's suicide. This proved Clarke's point of there needing to be some rules set down, and made Bellamy finally realize she was right.

As a leader, Bellamy was willing to make difficult decisions to ensure the survival of his people. He and Clarke worked well together despite their initial hostility. Bellamy grew a deep disliking Grounders and was ready to fight them head on, whereas Clarke wanted to find a solution for peace—something Bellamy firmly believed would never happen due to the Grounders' violence. During the ongoing war with the Grounders, Bellamy proved to be a very skilled fighter.

After most of the Delinquents were captured by Mount Weather, Bellamy worked tirelessly to find them. The people who lived there were not immune to the radiation outside, unlike Bellamy and the 100. The only reason they were immune was thanks to their bodies adapting to solar radiation. The Mountain Men wanted to kill the Delinquents they'd captured so they could extract their bone marrow and inject it in themselves, thus making them immune to the radiation. Eventually Bellamy infiltrated Mount Weather with the outside help of Clarke and the Grounders, working closely with Maya Vie to keep the Delinquents safe and help them escape the Mountain Men. Together Clarke and Bellamy made the difficult choice to irradiate Mount Weather in order to save their people.

Afterwards, when Clarke left everyone to be on her own, unable to come to terms with her actions, Bellamy remained behind in the newly-formed Camp Jaha.

In season 3, Bellamy was a guard at the newly renamed Arkadia. After previous hostilities with the Grounders, the harsh restrictions placed on Arkadia as well as the death of his girlfriend Gina Martin at the hands of the Azgeda, Bellamy aligned himself with Charles Pike. Pike has a negative view of Grounders after Azgeda attacked and killed many of the Farm Station survivors after they crash landed on Earth. He showed great interest in Bellamy and used him to gain further support within Arkadia, using Bellamy's guilt over his failure to protect his people and trauma after Mount Weather to his own advantage. Siding with Pike upset many of Bellamy's closest friends but he ignored their reasonings.

With Azgeda's growing threat to Arkadia, an army of 300 Trikru Grounders were sent to help protect Arkadia. Pike saw them as a threat and encouraged his people that the Trikru army could turn on them at any second and kill them all. Pike persuaded Bellamy to steal some guns from the weaponry so he and Pike's supporters could use them to wipe out the Trikru army. Bellamy was caught taking the guns though, and this resulted in a massive argument ensuing in which Marcus Kane was denounced as Chancellor and Pike took his place instead. Now that Pike had the power and no one to stop him, he went out to the Trikru army with Bellamy and shot every last warrior dead, save for one.

Bellamy tried his best to not feel guilty, telling himself that if he hadn't killed the Trikru warriors first they'd have killed him and Arkadia instead. But after seeing how far Pike was willing to go and at the prospect of the deaths of his friends, Bellamy secretly left to warn Octavia that Pike was about to kill Lincoln, Octavia's lover. However, Octavia has grown to resent and dislike him after the killing of the Trikru army, and instead of taking his help she chained him in a cave and left to save Lincoln herself.

Despite his attempt to stop it, Bellamy was unable to prevent the execution of Lincoln by Pike. Octavia took his death heavily and blamed Bellamy for it. Lincoln's death drove a deep rift in the relationship with his sister, and Octavia was unwilling to forgive him and see past his alliance with Pike, despite Bellamy trying his best to show her that he realized how wrong he was and that he was trying to save Lincoln. Octavia's hatred for him hurt Bellamy deeply.

Later, he helped defeat A.L.I.E. and her army of chipped soldiers, protecting Clarke while her mind was in the City of Light.

After Pike's death and A.L.I.E.'s defeat, Bellamy returned with the Sky People back to Arkadia, helping to deal with the fallout of past events and a looming Second Nuclear Apocalypse. He assisted with repairing Alpha Station to shelter the Sky People from the coming radiation and helping with defending from Azgeda who now have control of Polis. Under the command of King Roan, Azgeda took Bellamy and held him captive. While being held prisoner, Octavia was stabbed by Echo and fell over the side of a gorge and into the water far below. This led Echo to believe she was dead, and upon the news that Octavia had been killed, Bellamy broke.

One day an army of Azgeda soldiers, lead by King Roan, was on their way to take over Arkadia, bringing along Bellamy and Kane as hostages. On the way they were stopped by Clarke and her team of guards with guns, hoping to reason with Roan and avoid the battle. Bellamy managed to stop Riley from assassinating Roan during this time.

After Clarke and Roan struck a deal to share Arkadia with Azgeda, Bellamy and the others were set free. He returned to Arkadia in time to witness Alpha Station burn at the hand of Ilian. Bellamy learns that Octavia had not died and is greatly relieved and happy, but she is still unwilling to forgive him. Clarke tells him that Octavia needs time, but Bellamy states that time is luxury they don't have with the second nuclear apocalypse approaching fast.

Not long after the discovery of the Second Dawn Bunker, Bellamy's relationship with Octavia has been restored, after his sister began overcoming her own personal demons, but only to become separated, due to the incoming apocalypse. During this event, Bellamy and others leave to rescue Raven Reyes. However, without time to return, they decide to make an attempt to go back into space, but were forced to leave Clarke behind. Six year later, he and his group returns to Earth and finds Clarke alive.


  • In a phone interview, Kass Morgan confirmed the meaning behind Bellamy's name to be from Edward Bellamy, an American author and socialist, and futurist writings.
  • Jason Rothenberg stated that Clarke and Bellamy will become a couple in later seasons.
  • In the first season, Bellamy had sexual relations with at least four females from their camp.
  • In the series Bellamy is the oldest person in the 100 camp.
  • He is a first born child, with a younger sister, Octavia Blake.
  • Bellamy and Octavia are the only known siblings from the Ark.
  • Bellamy is one of eight people to survive the explosion at the Delinquents' camp. The others are: Monroe, Sterling, [ristan, Finn, Raven, Murphy, and an unnamed Delinquent.
  • Bellamy shows to have a certain knowledge to history and mythology. Best Odds in Casino